Golf Club Dress Code

Golf Club Dress Code

All members and guests are expected to respect the spirit of the golf club dress code. If you follow the code then you can keep cool and look cool without looking scruffy!


And remember; it’s a golf club NOT a beach club! Many thanks.


ON THE COURSE – (Includes practice ground & putting green)


All golfers should wear clothes specifically designed for golf. Whilst playing the golf course shirts must be tucked in at all times. It’s just the right thing to do!

Denim jeans, tracksuits, football shirts, t shirts or singlet’s are not permitted.

During the summer months tailored shorts are permitted with either knee length or plain white short socks. Short, dark socks look naff so avoid them at all costs! Combat style 3/4 length shorts/trousers should not be worn for obvious reasons (they look awful!). And plimsolls, flip flops and trainers are not permitted; remember it’s a golf club not a beach club!




Members and guests should be appropriately dressed at all times. There will be certain functions that have a specific dress code but in general, smart casual wear throughout the club is expected. Golf shoes can only be worn in the Members Bar so no sneaking into the Lounge or Conservatory with them on please. Hats are to be removed while you are in the clubhouse. Jeans are ok but they must be clean, very smart denim. Anything with paint on is a no, no! Collarless T shirts, football shirts, singlet’s and flip flops are simply not acceptable.




Members, their families and guests are required to dress appropriately for dining. As with all the above flip flops, trainers, plimsolls, collarless t shirts are not appropriate. If you have played golf during the day it is expected that you will change before dining in the restaurant.

And finally please remember that all Members are responsible for the dress and behaviour of their guests and we reserve the right to refuse anyone we consider is inappropriately dressed. So please, to avoid any awkward moments, make sure you have informed your guests what is expected.


If you have any questions regading the Dress Code please call the office on 011895693332 or email